The West Wind… #Poetry

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
Come find me
Take the wildflowers from my eyes
Let me run with the west wind
Find the source of dreams
The kind that come true
Bring back a back full
Drop them on sleeping eyes
A Christmas gift from the cosmic winds
Call me foolish, I know happy dreams
Make for a happy world to live in
That’s the world I wish
For my great granddaughter
To grow in, to dream in
My work is done
Knowing her dreams will come true
For the heart I leave behind…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Bonsai… my favourite hobby…

I will never tire of looking (drooling) at bonsai, so here is the latest post from Nebari Bonsai…

Trip to Eisei-en

Brian VFUncategorized December 4, 2021 1 Minute

Had a chance to spend a couple days at Eise-en in November. It had been a couple years since I was able to head up and work on trees. I took 4 up this year, a 16-year old grafted Zuisho JWP from Evergreen Gardenworks, a rare Kiyozuru cultivar of Itoigawa from Chikugo-en, and an Arakawa JBP from Telperion farms. Each unique pieces with some provenance that also needed some work done. Stay tuned for update posts on the work done. For now, here are some photos from around Bjorn’s nursery. Enjoy.

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“Ice” by James Pyles is Now Available

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iceAdmittedly, I’ve tried to sell this story in various forms for quite some time without any luck. I even asked a friend for help, thinking maybe he could suggest the proper venue. However, it didn’t take.

So I thought of self-publishing it. Here it is: Ice by James Pyles. No anthologies, no indie publishers, this one is all mine.

Good thing, too. When I went over my submitted story, I found horrible errors I never saw before. I took weeks just reading and re-reading “Ice” until I finally got it to the point where I thought it was ready (I’ll write a separate blog post about my first experience with Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP) by the by).

Here’s the synopsis I wrote for Amazon:

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Canceled and/or Beloved?

Story Empire

Hello SE friends, Gwen with you today. When we last met, the topic was 1984, and we focused on writers who predicted the future. Several of the mentioned books were banned because the content was controversial. Of course, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were two of those authors. SE writer John Howell had an excellent post on banned books earlier this year. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here.

What was so threatening about these books that they were banned? Let’s answer this by looking at the present.

These days we hear a lot about folks being canceled. Basically, anyone who doesn’t accept the popular narrative is a potential target. That narrative covers topics such as sexual identity, COVID vaccines, demonstrations vs. riots, border walls, gun control, and the list goes on. The finger-pointing is everywhere present.  

For writers, this blame…

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Writing Inspiration… Cornwall

This magical photograph is of an actual place in Cornwall, called St. Nectan’s Glen. I know it well because I have been there. I have stood beneath it, getting soaked to the skin, and I have climbed up the rocks and stood looking down at the majesty of the thundering water. The sight and sound of it put something in my soul that I know wasn’t there before. It was a wonderful experience, and if I had the money, I would move to Cornwall just to be near it. And I would love to go and experience Niagara Falls too! (Mind you, if I did, I may never come home again!)

If you ever feel a little bit worthless or a waste of space, you need a place like this. You need to be able to see and feel something that you just know is stronger and more powerful than anything you have seen or felt before. Once you find it, you will be a different person, believe me. I always love to be near water, any kind of water. I wanted to live on a boat when I was growing up and it still appeals to me.

The first time I went to Cornwall I was not really prepared for just how much that County had to offer. Apart from all the quaint old villages, there were magical forests, wonderfully rugged beaches and coves, dramatic rock formations and inspiring scenery everywhere you looked. I have had more inspiring moments in Cornwall than just about anywhere else.

I need some of that inspiration round about now, as I am still trying to finish my fifth book and find myself dragging my heels. I am at the stage when things should start to happen as we approach the conclusion, one of the most important sections of any book, in my opinion. For some reason, my mind is foggy, reflecting the autumn weather, and I desperately need some clarity. This year has been hard, trying to cope with a brain that is uncooperative at best and empty on occasion. Something keeps telling me that this may have to be my last book as the constant struggle to remember everything and keep on track is becoming a problem.

I am refusing to listen to this voice in my head. I will continue somehow, even at a slower pace. One way or another I will get it right and get it done, but where is my inspiration at the moment?

I think it has gone to Cornwall without me…

Reflections… #Poetry

Image by Dirk Wohlrabe from Pixabay

Reflections, the suns magic finger
Painting across my living room walls
And far beyond where I cannot see
A glass bowl becomes a magic pool 
Of blue-green water.
I imagine a fairy swimming there
Her morning bath to start the day.
When the sun dips down
She is gone for another day.
On steel grey walls
Suns reflective finger weaves its spell
Of dancing lights where shadows form
To paint the black away...

©Anita Dawes2021