The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – June 24

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Yesterday I encountered an enormous disappointment. I only finished assembling nine of the ten new dining room chairs. My brain pumped me up, filling me with motivation as I looked forward to crossing this task off my list. Five, four, three, two, Uh-oh. The last stretcher rail on the final chair was incorrect. The box included two front stretcher rails instead of a front stretcher and a right-side stretcher rail. You can’t imagine my dismay. I dug through the paperwork, found the 800 number, and punched my way through the “Press One for Sales” automated jungle. Eventually, the operator connected to “Marsha,” who confirmed that the part was in stock and would ship today. With luck, it will arrive next Tuesday, and I can finally put this project to bed.

The second sealer coat on the stairs required a rough sanding before applying the third, and hopefully, the final finish…

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Intention chooses Heaven

Sun in Gemini

(Image by author)

The words stopped my reading… I mean I read them and had to go back to them, immediately – not even finishing the sentence before returning.

Intention has long fascinated. It’s one of those vitally important words that belong with a handful of others, like memory, or will, or detachment, or even truth. Each of them carries great import when, and only when, it’s placed in its correct hierarchy of spiritual importance to mankind. It’s hard to imagine how important these words are. Familiarity has dulled their powers, but that can be fixed by conscious exposure to their reality.

The rusty object can be dug from the earth and, with time and dedication, lovingly restored to the mantelpiece.

“Intention chooses heaven”

I was reading a Buddhist text quoted in a favourite author, Tiramit, in which the placing and importance of ‘intention’ was clearly spelled out.


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#MLMM ~ #Wordle246 ~#Poetry

My everlasting gobstopper hinders speech
Taking it in and out of my mouth to speak
becomes a sticky mess
I would endow it with the gift
of keeping your enemies quiet
Give them all one to stop their gossip
Mother said it was quite improper
To speak with your mouth full
My cheeks are too weary to try
I think there is a good possibility
That I could maim myself by trying
in the form of losing my teeth
It really is vast. I think its impressive
getting it in my mouth in the first place
It’s not useful, it doesn’t refresh
Then again, it’s only a penny gobstopper
that lasts three days
plus, I have not become immune to them yet…

© Anita Dawes 2021

The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – June 23

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

At the beginning of April, I created a massive To-Do list. I felt anxious, stressed, and I found it difficult to sleep because I couldn’t stop my brain from running in a never-ending circle. When I dreamed, it was a nightmare of failures because I forgot something important. To end the madness, I opened an Excel spreadsheet and performed a brain dump. The exercise yielded a list of 208 items. No wonder I was a basket case. I then created categories and due dates, set up filters, and assigned color codes. I love Excel. That night I finally slept well.

The Brain-dump list became my lifeline, and each week I update the file. It has grown larger but nothing crazy. There are now 231 line items, with 51 items forever moved into the completed column. This week I am juggling 74 In-process tasks. By Friday, I hope to transfer another…

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