Evolving Character

colt3.FullSizeRender-3A blue moon ago I wrote a 17 year old girl named Lily Van Slyke into Blue Heaven. At the time, she was very troubled, but she didn’t have a gun. When Blue Heaven became the first of The Blue Lake Series, I knew I’d bring her back someday. And back she came, in book three (Spring 2015). It’s five  years later, so she’s legal and lethal. She has her reasons. And this time, she really got to me. I mean, she did before, but I was able to give her closure. This time, she didn’t want shit to do with my plans for her. She didn’t want closure, she wanted her own series. That was not going to happen; I’m still writing the Blue Lake books.

But Lily managed to almost maybe steal the book from the intended main characters. I still have to see about that. I…

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