Fifty Shades of…

linda huber

Once upon a time there was a certain trio of books… and over the course of more time there was a film… and the number fifty stopped meaning half of one hundred, or the age where you throw a big party and smile and all the time you’re thinking, OMG I am older than my mother was when I was a teenager and thought that everyone in my parents’ generation were dinosaurs at best.

Nowadays, the word ‘Fifty’ means ‘complicated shades of meaning’. In a couple of weeks I’ll be celebrating 18 months as a published author; it was the dream of a lifetime (we won’t say ‘Fifty’ here) – but how does the dream compare with reality? That’s complicated too, and it’s difficult to judge because there are at least…

Fifty Shades of Being Published…

1. You love it.
2. It terrifies the life out of you.
3. You…

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