Notes from a small dog (LIII)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

trial 027Well, hellooo!

Frankly, it is about time that she got herself out of my seat and let me back at the keyboard… first she goes away for ages… then comes back, smelling of really interesting things… and writes about it for ages… Then she says she’s off again. “Won’t be long, girlie,” she says. Yeah, right. Heard it all before. She says it every morning and she’s always ‘long’ Prob’ly the nearest to ‘tall’ she’ll ever get… and she has the cheek to call me small…

She needn’t think she can bribe me with cheese or that ham stuff either! Well, she can try…as often as she likes for me! But it’s not going to work… Not even the new tennis balls….

Still, I did have a great time with Gooch and the boys… I never mind playing with them for a few days… But I have…

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