Surviving parenthood…

linda huber

cat-278845_1280It’s often said, and it’s true. You need nerves of steel to be a parent. All those little day-to-day situations you have with kids – Put your shoes on, please… no, we can’t take the cat… because it’s raining and you’ll catch cold barefoot… please leave the cat alone… okay, your wellies, then… the cat does NOT want to come shopping… I don’t know where your other welly is… will you PLEASE… no, you can’t just hop…

We’ve all been there. It’s not just patience you need, it’s something akin to endurance. My best hair-raising moment with son 1 was the time we went to Spiez here in Switzerland for a weekend with my aunt and uncle, on holiday from England. Son 1 was about two at the time. You can picture the scene: a quaint little alpine town, the lake in front with a backdrop of glorious mountains, chalet-shaped…

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