Meet Guest Author Anita Dawes

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Anita Dawes 01Hi, my name is Anita and although I am 68, I am by no means a ‘silver surfer’. I have been writing fiction novels for a while now, but never managed to be picked up by any of the mainstream publishers. They all said they loved what I wrote, but found it hard to slot them into a category! It came tantalisingly close, but no cigar, as they say.

I realised I would have to try something else. I saved all of the rejection letters, because most of them had very encouraging comments. If my mother had slapped me as gently when I was a child, it wouldn’t have hurt half as much!

I even wrote to James Herbert once in desperation and he was so kind and supportive, it gave me the inspiration to continue writing.

Now I am retired and with the help of my sister-in-law Jaye, (who…

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One thought on “Meet Guest Author Anita Dawes

  1. Lovely to know a bit more about you, Anita.
    As to Scarlet Ribbons, my son’s coma was peopled by the most realistic nightmare worlds and dreams, whch seemed somehow to reflect a reality he could not, technically, have been aware of.


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