What Is Going ONNNN???

Dan Alatorre

Aaaaaaaaagh! Aaaaaaaaagh!

We have a lot of smart readers here; maybe somebody can tell me what’s going on.

What the Hell is going on???

I subscribe to a lot of blogs because I’m trying to learn more about blogging. From people who do it well (to do more of what they do) and from the others, too (to do less of what they do). Nothing wrong with that, but occasionally I’ll find one that is extremely popular.

Several blogs I have been following – on WordPress specifically – have amassed either 3,000 or 5,000 or even 10,000 followers.

If somebody is doing that, I need to read them. They are doing something right.

Do I need this? Do I need this?

It may or may not necessarily be something that I as an author need, but as far as marketing and building a base, there are probably some things I could learn…

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