My Chinese Portrait

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Warning: There are a LOT of links in this piece, so make yourself comfortable …

On 21st November last year I blogged a bit about Chinese portraits and referred to Faith Hunter’s post on the concept as well. I also said I’d be working on my own version…  without further ado, here it be!

It was very tempting to make this a series of single word answers, so here’s my qualifier … and why …

If I were a quality?

I’d define ‘quality’ as a moral or ethical characteristic which I’m proud of or engenders my self-respect: faithfulness.

And why faithfulness? If I am faithful to my Self, my ethics, what I believe in, all of which change and are refined with time and growth, then I can sleep at night with a minimum amount of stuff troubling my spirit.

If I were a flaw?

Definition as above except for the ‘self-respect’…

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6 thoughts on “My Chinese Portrait

  1. Hi,
    I liked your definition of faithfulness. It sounds like peace of mind; would you say they are comparable?
    I wrote the Twitter article that was featured on Chris and Jean’s site this week. I wanted to come by, introduce myself, and to thank you for liking my article on Chris’s site.

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