I Will

Allison Maruska

I need to write from my heart today.

Last spring, cancer took my grandmother. Last fall, it took my other grandmother. Last night, it took my friend.

I wrote this as I lay awake in the darkness early this morning. I didn’t write it to win sympathy from anyone. I wrote it as a promise to them.

I wrote itfor one and all of them. My wishis that anyone struggling this season will read it and find some comfort.

I Will


I will not remember your pain, because your strength was so much greater.

I will not forget your kindness, even as the world shows how unkind it can be.

I will not worry about someone’s opinion, because it has no bearing on my legacy.

I will not judge, because I don’t know anyone’s whole story.

I will not squander what I’m given, because you showed me what’s important.


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