Five golden principles of audience engagement

Simon Staffans // Evolving Media

golden_tick-1So, what I would like is to continuously create content that resonates deeply with the intended target audience. The would be an audience that takes what I’ve created or helped create to heart, that engages in the way they’re intended to engage and that teaches the creators a thing or ten about their own creation during the course of the interaction.

This would also be an audience that goes beoynd being merely an audience, morphing into a collaborative-producer state, freely creating within the boundaries of the original creation.

I have an inkling that this is something quite a few other people – producers and creators – would be happy with as well.

Thing is, though… it’s a very, very, difficult thing to get right. That, on the other hand, needn’t be too bad, as the FFF-principle (Fail Fast Forward) is quickly becoming one of the most…

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