My Secret Muse

The Lonely Author


Image borrowed from Pinterest.

Many of my posts were written after receiving inspiration from the great writers here in Blogville. Fearing I will accidentally leave a name out, I refuse to make a list of writers who inspire me.

True confessions time: There is one person who pierces my heart with every word she writes and they go directly to my soul.

Please, don’t ask. This chimp is a gentleman and he doesn’t kiss and tell. (Not that I ever kissed her). And I would never embarrass anyone, especially someone who I admire.

But this is dedicated to…..

My Secret Muse

Lovely words etched in my aching heart
Resemble sweet poems chiseled in stone
She pens tender verses for the multitudes
Yet my mind swears they’re for me alone

My secret muse writes for everyone
I wish her words were meant for me

Does she know her words echo deep…

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