Twitter for Idiots…

Twitty Bird

I have a new challenge.
Yes, I know I have admitted to this before, and not managed to master all of the challenges I have faced in my quest to be an uber intelligent blogger with outstanding promotional skills.
The few I have conquered have gone a long way to encourage my endeavours though. Even on those dark days when nothing seems to be worth the effort, my new found knowledge keeps me going. And when I do manage to learn something new and incredibly helpful, I’m sure I can be heard all the way down in Australia!

I could list all my failures, but I won’t, simply because I haven’t written them off just yet. I call them my “works in progress”. Being stubborn does have its advantages, and I thank God for mine every day.

Back to my new challenge.
I have read an awful lot of helpful books, all aimed at newbies like me. The best so far have been the ones by Rayne Hall.
Rayne Hall has written a series of easy to understand and helpful books on just about everything you need to be a successful writer and blogger. She also includes everything she ever did wrong in the beginning, just so you don’t!

Everywhere I look, it seems, people are saying that Twitter is the place to successfully promote your books. If you know how. I have tried, several times in fact, to be clued up on Twitter, but somehow my brain has so far refused to grasp anything but the basics.

HOWEVER… armed with Rayne’s instructions, I am determined to try again. And this might just sound like the last chance saloon, as I’m not getting any younger.

Time for some positivity…
I will learn and master the art of scheduling posts.

I will also learn how to promote our books like a professional.

I will learn how to use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule my tweets for the best effect. (And that’s the first problem before I even get started. Which one do I use? They both say easy to use, but they haven’t met my brain.)

I discovered that there is a whole list of requirements, making it nowhere near as easy as I first thought.

1. Urls should be shortened (and that’s another thing I failed at)
2. Images have to be exactly the right size. You have only 140 characters to play with and images are deducted from these.
3. When tweeting a previous post, use the permalink instead of the original title. (Get a load of me, that sounded very technical!)
4. Your Tweets should all be different. Change the words and images. Don’t just retweet, it’s boring.
5. Create a document list of all your tweets ready to schedule, so you can use them again one day.
6. Decide which system to use. Some sound easy but not decided yet. You never know, I might just get smart enough to tackle Scrivenor at this rate!

Further post on my progress (or lack of it) coming soon.

22 thoughts on “Twitter for Idiots…

  1. Thanks for the flattering mention of my books. I’m honoured!
    If you want to keep the scheduling simple, go for Buffer rather than HootSuite. HootSuite is fine for people who are reasonably savvy about these things. Buffer is perfect for folks who want it simple. 🙂

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  2. I’ve just started with Hootsuite. It takes a bit of time to schedule a whole week’s worth of tweets, but I was glad this morning, when I put up my new blog posts, not to have to spend an additional half hour tweeting and not to have to take time out the rest of the week to tweet follow ups. I didn’t vary my language as much as I should have this time around, though.
    It has taken me a few tries to figure out how to save and re-use drafts, but I’m getting the hang of it. I considered the paid Pro version so I could “bulk schedule,” but then discovered I couldn’t include images when I did that, so I downgraded again.
    Hootsuite provides a short link for you. That’s a help. I haven’t had any problems with my photos, but they are all fairly low in resolution.
    I also like their “streams,” where you can see where you’ve been mentioned, who’s following you, etc. Very handy!
    Hang in there!

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