A Tale Of Two Covers

Allison Maruska

One of the Great Truths in the Writer’s Bible is this: the cover can make or break the success of your book. Doesn’t matter how good the stuff inside is. If the cover isn’t intriguing (or worse, if it’s deterring), if it doesn’t compel the potential reader to buy/borrow, it hasn’t done its job. Period.

Since the cover is so super important, I decided to try a little experiment that I hope will benefit anyone searching for a designer in the future.

I recently needed to acquire covers for two separate books at the same time. I don’t recommend this if you can avoid it, because expensive. But I found a silver lining to the situation – I could use two different designers, tell you how each experience went, and maybe you can use the information when you need a cover for your next masterpiece.

Some side notes – there are LOTS of…

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