Behind the Willows

I’ve got a thieving chicken.

But Jessie, you say, you have 90 chickens! How do you know which one it is?


I do have 90 chickens but I only have six Delaware chickens. And of those only three are adults and two of those adults are bold. Very bold. In fact if they were much larger, or I was much smaller, they would be terrifying.Delaware Chicken

But Jessie, you say, they are chickens! You love chickens! Why would they be terrifying?


These are the two chickens that I saw catch a mouse out in the open, beat it to death and then fight over it’s remains. These are the chickens that have hunted down toads and leave no doubt that birds are close relations to dinosaurs. These are chickens it would be best not to be a small creature around.

But one of them is bolder than the other…

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