Our Kindle Scout Campaign…

Just when we were almost ready to start the publication process for Anita’s new book, Let it Go, someone mentioned Kindle Scout. This was somewhere we could submit a new, never-before-published book to be considered for a publishing contract with Kindle Press.

The more we read about Kindle Scout, the more excited we became. Time to do something different? We thought so. Even if you are not looking to publish a new book, you can nominate books by other nominees, and if any of these books are selected by the Kindle Press team, you get a free copy of the book!

So we entered Let it Go, and our own campaign starts today. The campaign will run for thirty days. Thirty days for as many people as possible to nominate Anita’s book!

That’s where all of you come into the picture. We would love to get loads of nominations. It takes just a couple of clicks, no forms to fill in and doesn’t cost anything. So it’s a piece of cake, and we would be eternally grateful.


It’s so easy! Read the beginning of LET IT GO and vote for the book to be published by Kindle Scout.


Let it Go is Anita’s sixth book, a Young Adult family drama. Based in Cornwall, one of our favourite place on the planet.


Let it Go.

“You read about families where everyone is happy and life is wonderful.

That wasn’t my family.

My mother coped patiently with a drunken, obsessive gambler of a husband and a daughter with an insatiable sexual appetite.  I loved my father, but he kept us one step away from the poor house.  Loving my sister was harder, basically because she hated me.

Me? I couldn’t wait to grow up and live my own life.

Then Dad won a guest house in a card game and suddenly we were off to a new life in Cornwall. A beautiful place, steeped in legend and mystery.  Would trouble leave us alone now, or was it merely biding its time?”


Clickable Link:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3UCE50S2D7BCD






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