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Week One:

This was our first attempt at a ‘proper’ marketing strategy if that’s the right thing to call it, and I was a bag of nerves. Anita doesn’t do nerves, and I admire that about her very much. I tend to worry about all the little details, and I suppose as editor in chief, that’s sort of my job.

Never been much good at blowing any kind of trumpet, and I fully expected something to go wrong at any moment. So no one was more surprised than I was, when Let it Go was selected to take part. Obviously a good sign, for if they didn’t like the cover or any other part of the book, we wouldn’t have been.

And even more surprised, when loads of people started to nominate it. Not just the people we knew either. My worries began to recede as I started to get excited.

Our KindleScout launch post was in all the places I could think of. Both websites, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, even Medium and bloglovin. And I had scheduled myself silly to get maximum coverage. So far so good.

Then the worries began again.

The campaign runs for 30 days, so what else could I do to get more nominations? Unlike other promotions, people can only nominate you the once on KindleScout, which means you need to know (or reach) a lot of people!

I have made different posters on the same theme, ready to use, and on the surface, we appear to have the makings of a decent campaign. All this from someone who up to now, has been too shy to run a book tour. I have never been much good at asking people for anything, the fear of refusal always in the back of my mind. An awful lot of marketing I find, amounts to serious nagging and this is not something I am prepared to do.

I have read countless books on the subject, and they all say the same thing. You have to swamp everywhere with the same message and keep doing this until it works, and I know many people do this.  Comes across as a bit desperate though, doesn’t it? Or am I not quite ruthless enough?

So, at the end of the first week we have received 70 nominations so far. I am still a nervous wreck, but over the moon by everyone’s response. If anyone has any good ideas, we would love to hear them, for we have only got this far because of all you wonderful people, and we want to keep on going!


More news next week…



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