Is This The End of the Road?


I have been having an increasingly difficult time coming up with writing ideas for blog posts and current works in progress, and I’m not happy about it.

This has never been a problem before, and could be due to an assortment of things, but I am becoming more and more concerned, for it seems to be reflected in other areas of my life. I think I can feel the enthusiasm waning, at least that’s what it feels like.

We have been blogging for nearly four years now, and clocked up an amazing list of posts, quite apart from the posts about our books. I have never been at a loss for things to write about and life has been kind enough to supply bags of interest too.

It is possible that the fault lies in my head, something I have strenuously denied up to now. But seeing as how I have just tried to remember what I was in the middle of doing just a few minutes ago, I have to admit I may have a problem.

Despite leaving copious amounts of post-it notes everywhere, creating a virtual forest of pastel leaves all over my desk, my brain seems to be on strike or something, not exactly sure what.

When all this first started happening, it was amusing, but the novelty has worn off.  What makes it worse is that I can remember things from last year with no trouble at all, and my long-term memory seems fine.

In the beginning, I blamed everything. The stress of all the marketing and promotion; problems with the current WIP, and family and health problems. (and there have been far too many of those!)

It is becoming increasingly obvious that my dwindling collection of grey cells is just not functioning properly anymore. Maybe this is normal at my age?

I don’t want to believe this, for I love my life and everything I do, and don’t want the wheels in my head to grind to a halt. I never thought my brain would ever let me down.

But before I shuffle off this mortal coil, there are still some things I haven’t quite pulled off yet, and it occurs to me that maybe I can’t do it all.  Shock Horror! Maybe it is time to get professional help, even if I have to part with some money. It is the only option I can think of, for I’m not quite ready to return to return to my knitting!

This will be a new experience for me, as being stubborn; I have fervently resisted any suggestion that I can’t cut the mustard. In the past, I have eventually managed most things and there is not a lot in my failure pile. Perseverance usually gets me where I want to go.

Whether I am any good at asking for help, remains to be seen, but it’s worth a try.

Better than the alternative, anyway…

21 thoughts on “Is This The End of the Road?

  1. Speaking with my civil service experience (and of my old partner Depression/Anxiety) there can come a time when a person will encounter ‘System Overload’ (I stole that from an annoying computer message from the 1990s). All the experiences of a period of time back up and start to clog the mind with recent memories ; this is coupled with a ‘I must be creative, because I was creative yesterday’ feeling which in turn can cause one to think ‘Why aren’t ideas springing forth? What is wrong?’, in turn this gives rise to Anxiety and this causes more clog.
    These are all quite normal.
    And the brain/mind is part of a physical process.
    So if the analogy is drawn as follows: Imagining walking for a very long distance, all along the way are places (shops or patches of nature) where you are able to pick up things and carry them in shopping bags, ahead are many places you wish to go into and do the same thing, but you are getting tired and you wonder how long you can go on and should you go on? It is quite understandable you would wish to stop to rest and take a break at one of the cafes, bars or restaurants along the way; even stop for a rest at a hostel and sort out what you have accumulated. (Interesting sort of land isn’t it?).
    The brain/mind can only do so much at one time and the spirit also needs to recharge.
    Take time out, do not think about the creative processes. If you wish to sort out all the notes, just down just a few notions, take as long as you like. You can even blog a few words about it (not too many though that can cause clog).
    In time, all will return.
    I hope that helps.
    Take care & best wishes

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  2. I agree with the Ape… using creativity every day is good for you, but stuffing yourself into a hole where what should be a pleasure becomes a demand and duty is just going to burn anyone out. We’ll still be here if you take a break 🙂

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  3. Try to remain calm Jaye – the more you worry, fret, or even think about it, the worse it may get (speaking from experience here).
    Also, four years of blogging, writing, publishing, promoting, etc, without proper breaks, will not have helped – even I take breaks (after scheduling posts up to 3 months in advance sometimes to give me the time to relax or do other things)
    Chris 🐵

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