Do you know how to write a sensual scene?

Jean's Writing

Well, I didn’t but I’m learning!

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First, let me say I’m a big fan. So I was thrilled to find Diana Gabaldon had written a book on writing. 

“I Give You My Body . . .”: How I Write Sex Scenes (Kindle Single) by Diana Gabaldon

This book did not disappoint! And believe me, I’ve read a few “how-to” books that did.

Writing love or sex scenes can make the best of us a bit squeamish at times. Ever feel as though the scene is overdone or too juvenile?  Take heart, in her book Ms. Gabaldon shows not tells us how to write with humor and candid language that doesn’t turn our script into a purple nightmare of adjectives and adverbs.

Maybe you’re not a fan of historical fiction, or maybe you’ve no plans to add a sex scene to your novel, but every writer can learn something from her secrets for…

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