Are your adjectives in the right order?

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Ever wondered why a certain sentence doesn’t work?

You’ve written beautiful adjectives to describe your heroine but the sentence comes off too much. The words trip across your tongue as if your mouth is filled with marbles.

After reading a tweet that went viral, I now understand why this happens.

The adjectives must be in the correct order.

Opinion-size-age-shape-color-origin-material-purpose and last NOUN.

When we talk the words usually flow correctly. We don’t even notice it. But when writing sometimes a word ends up in the wrong place.

What is the tweet that gave me this ah-ha moment?

A tweet by Matthew Anderson. Matthew tweeted a screen shot from a book he was reading.


The excerpt is from The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase.

To read more about Matthew’s tweet and how to write the perfect phrase go to The Daily Buzz link below:

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5 thoughts on “Are your adjectives in the right order?

  1. Sage & solid advice.
    Which is why I’m never going to be remotely successful. Of course the order of the words describing the knife is correct….. but my instinct is to start messing about with it just because it sounds funny. (And why I always encourage readers of my blog to think very carefully before they start to try & follow my ‘advice’)

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