Humble Gratitude

Eliza Waters

IMG_8203How fitting that in this week of Thanksgiving, I have reached a major blog milestone: 1,000 followers!


I am humbled and grateful that 1,000 of you have found something here worthy of following.

When I first started this blog over three years ago, my goal was to provide gardening content, along with photos of nature’s inspirational beauty. In the early days, a new follower was a cause for great celebration – a thrill of validation!

Sure, I felt twinges of envy for those who started blogging after I did, quickly racking up huge numbers of followers. “Wow, 1,200 followers in three months!” As tempting as ego-boosting stats were, they were not my priority. I was determined to produce my best work and not seek numbers that genuinely did not reflect my earning them.

Soon, of course, I realized blogging is much more than what one posts. It involves ‘meeting’ other…

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