How do you spell…

Behind the Willows

In case you haven’t noticed (because spell check and John usually see these posts before you do) I am, have always been, and likely always will be, a terrible speller.

In new spelling lows, I have successfully taught my phone how to spell tomorrow incorrectly. That’s right, my phone now auto completes to a misspelled word. I am also learning Portuguese on (Are you learning a language on Duolingo too? Lets be friends!) and I get lots of answers wrong because they are misspelled – in English. It seems the program will give you a break if you spell a word wrong in the language you are learning but it expects you to know your native tongue.

I mention this not look for sympathy or advice but simply because I’d like you all to believe me when I say I’m a terrible speller. Because, unfortunately for us…

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