The three legged stool of writing

Story Empire

If you’ve been reading my posts here, you know that I love a good analogy. Today is no different, and we’re going to talk about the three legged stool of writing.

Think of the seat like it’s your story. That’s the only part someone is likely to consider if they sit on the stool, and it’s all that matters to your readers. Stool aficionados aren’t likely to care how the stool was constructed, and readers aren’t likely to care how your story is constructed.

They are both going to care that it doesn’t leave them feeling flat on their backs. A stool needs all three legs to hold it up, and so does your story. Let’s give our storybook stool some legs.

The first leg is called plot. Your story is going to need one, and you’re well served to look around for a good one. This is the enemy…

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