…my books haven’t sold a million copies yet… so what?

Seumas Gallacher

…there’s a certain majesty in the relationship between authors and their readers that can only be appreciated by another writer… ten years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become pleased and comfortable to label myself as a scribbler… a producer of novels… a spinner of stories… a creator of mental pictures… the intention back then was merely to prove to myself that Master Gallacher was capable of writing a whole book… start, middle and end… a personal challenge of sorts, but one that I hadn’t realized was born several decades earlier with the desire to express myself in poems and stories… as a teenager, like untold numbers of us, I dabbled in angst-ridden verses against the WURLD in that way unique to every youngster who thinks he or she is the first one to feel the need to scream against his/her perceptions of the big…

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