The Limpet Syndrome by Tony Moyle @LimpetSyndrome #SciFi #Fantasy

Rosie Amber

The Limpet SyndromeThe Limpet Syndrome by Tony Moyle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Point Five Stars.

The Limpet Syndrome is a science fiction fantasy novel about John Hewsen, his death and a mission his soul is sent on. When John’s soul finds itself in “Limbo” he faces a trial, with the outcome offering a chance of redemption via a task; he must re-capture two lost souls.

The plot revolves around British Prime Minister Byron T Casey, Sandy Logan, the Minister for Homeland security and his right-hand man, Ian Noble. John has just two months to complete his mission before the summer solstice and the collapse of the universe, unless balance amongst the lost souls can be returned. It made me think it could fit into something similar to a Dr Who series.

This book is an intense read, the writing style is full of well written evocative descriptions, but I…

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