An Eye full of Reflections (1)

Sun in Gemini

The idea is a simple one: to pick a location and invite a group of friends – some of them Companions of the Silent Eye School, some simply friends, some new to the whole thing – to experience it in a different way…

It does require a degree of preparation. For these ‘shared discovery’ events to work they have to flow, smoothly, from one ‘scene’ to another. And those scenes are real events in real places with the usual potential for things to go awry… and that’s where the magic comes in, because there’s a balance to be struck, here: a balance between trying to control everything and reduce the ‘errors’ in the situation to zero; and letting events simply unfold by themselves – truly being in the moment, but as a conscious group…

It’s a balance carefully learned over many years. Without confidence that it will ‘come good’ it…

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