“Quit While You’re Ahead?”


“Quit while you are ahead?” Why would anyone with normal mental functioning ever entertain such a thought? Let’s delve deeper. Why do so many people find it relatively easy to abandon a once-cherished pursuit? Why is it that most people quit shortly after trying?

Do people quit because they lack the intestinal fortitude, strength of will and focus to hold on to an image of success long enough? Could it be that quitters are simply part of a dividing line—an evolutionary process that weeds out the weak and those who are unable to make timely adjustments to situational context and adapt to their environment?

(Were you aware that >90% of bloggers quit blogging within three to six months of starting their blog? But that is another story. Or is it?)

Why start something only to abandon it? Did your family responsibilities get in your way? Could it be that you…

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