What A Fun Opportunity!

Dan Alatorre

91LMy5tOhGL._UX250_ bestselling author Jenifer Ruff

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed, bestselling author Jenifer Ruff

I found Dan Alatorre when an author friend shared a link for one of Dan’s writing contests.

My eyes flew to “the first twenty submissions get a free critique.”

I didn’t even pay attention to the contest part. I love getting fresh eyes and feedback on my work.

In a flash, I cut and pasted chapter one ofOnly Wrong Once(my chapter ones always need the most work) into an email to Dan and pressed send.

And am I ever glad I did!

I’ve worked with a few different editors and I’m part of a critique group of published authors, so I have some experience under my belt when I tell you that Dan’s critique was awesome! Not only did he point out where my work could be improved…

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