A Little Bit of Controversy Now & Again…

Stevie Turner

I do like little bit of controversy now and again.  This question on Quora.com just screamed out to me to be answered:

Is Dr. Michio Kaku right when he says there is a God, or is Dr. Stephen Hawking right in saying there is no God?

I answered in just a sentence there as you can see, but I’ve got space here on my blog to expand a little bit…

A good majority of children grow up blindly following their parents’ religious views, and then as an adult, think that their particular religion is the correct one.  I was raised with one atheist father and one believing mother, so I had the ‘best’ of both worlds so to speak.  My mother Dot was always of the opinion that you could live a good Christian life without all the pomp and circumstance involved in going to a church service, and she…

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