Great Writing Makes Its Own Rules

Dan Alatorre

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I was recently asked about whether giving writing tips would create a bunch of people who write like I do.

It’s a good question, and here’s the answer: No.

The question was actually more involved than I’m expressing here, but I’m not giving tips to get people to do what I do;I didn’t think all this stuff up. I spent years in critique groups learning the stuff that matters, the stuff that most modern readers will require from their authors, and I share it with you.

I also add my take on things (you see that in every post) and I definitely show my preferences about what I like (my Word Weaver Writing Contests, for example), but I like your ideas, too. Heck, I learn stuff from the kids in my Young Authors Clubs – some are in 3rd grade.

I’ll take good input from…

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