#42 – The Tale of a Fly on the Wall

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a typical bedroom with four walls, a bed and a ceiling fan, there was a fly. Although he had no home, the fly knew he did not live in the bedroom. He had found himself trapped in there by accident one morning while trying to find his way back outside. The whole ordeal happened quite quickly; one minute, he was attempting to track down the source of a delicious smell, the next he was flying around the bedroom at the end of the house, unable to find a way out. Our tale begins with the fly resting on the window of the bedroom, attempting to figure out his plan of escape.

From flying into bins and back out again, and flying around BBQs and picnics, the fly had been on many adventures and experienced many strange and wonderful things. But nothing had ever been more…

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