I Realised Something And Now You Might Suffer For It

Tara Sparling writes

I Realised Something And Now You Get To Suffer For It Plane/Train/Train/Train/Plane/Plane, in case you’re wondering

I believe there is a solitary little boy without internet access somewhere in Peru who has possibly not heard by now that I was away last month, travelling the TransSiberian Railway through Russia, Mongolia and China, followed by an entirely unrelated sojourn in Vietnam (well, unrelated other than a geographical proximity to China, which kind of makes it extremely related, but it would be pedantic to point that out).

(It would also be pedantic to point out that technically I was on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, rather than the TransSiberian, seeing as I went from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia, rather than the whole way through Siberia and on to Vladivostok, so I won’t do that either.)

Anyhoo, I may have crept away silently, saying nothing of my plans, but there are some who can testify to the fact that I haven’t bloody shut up about it since I came…

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