Perfect gift for Mom? Just say NO! (She’ll thank you later) #humor #MothersDay

Barb Taub


One of my favorite bloggers—actually, sister act/writers Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie— accused me recently of volunteering. Saying “yes”. Sadly, I resemble that remark.

For heaven’s sake… and you actually volunteered for all of this? Seriously, though, nothing good ever comes easy. It’s a rule, okay!—jenanita01

We take you now to the Betty Draper Clinic’s newly completed YILT (Yes-I’d-Love-To) wing for a Volunteers Anonymous therapy session:

BARB: Hello, my name is Barb and I’m a recovering volunteer…”

How often has this happened to you? While every nerve ending in your being is screaming, “No! NO! NO!”, your lips (kidnapped by space aliens who replaced them with cloned Mrs. Brady-Bunch lips) are saying, “Yes, I’d love to…”

My mother will confirm that as a teenager, the word, “NO” constituted 90% of my interaction with the adult world. From there I went on to a human resources career…

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