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p1000304I am a little preoccupied at the moment, what with the upcoming workshop, some outstanding things I need to catch up on and the fact that I’ve been hobbling around like a centenarian. My back decided to get in on an already overcrowded act act by seizing up completely and at the worst possible moment. Not only is it wholly inconvenient, it is new… and the inevitable worry of ‘why’, when I’ve done nothing to provoke it, sort of seeps in under the radar.

Worry is fear by another name, regardless of how we dress it up or what name we use. It doesn’t matter what the cause may be, the mind can magnify anything out of all proportion, given half a chance. Once magnified, you can then start indulging in all manner of ‘what ifs’ and imaginary scenarios… especially in the middle of the night… even though you know…

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