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Scarlet Fever was in the news at the end of March and there is a worrying upward trend in cases. There have been a number of articles in the last few weeks so I will give you the summaries and the links to view the whole post.

First… what is Scarlet Fever?

This is a disease that was very prevalent in the Victorian age, especially in heavily populated areas where families would be living in one or two rooms in very close proximity to each other. Scarlatina (Scarlet Fever) is a bacterial infection caused by Group A Streptococcus.

Strep commonly causes a variety of infections including very sore throats and skin infections and certain strep bacteria can release a toxin which results in the rash which produces very red skin, hence the ‘Scarlet’

Usually in health children and early teens the infection is not serious and is usually cleared quickly…

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