Am I a Writer or an Author?

Stevie Turner

Following on from B.L Daniels‘  and K.M Allan’s blogs, I thought I’d give my own take on whether I’m a writer or an author.

I would say I’m neither.  At parties for instance we define ourselves by what we do for a living.  If somebody asks me ‘What do you do?’, I would reply that I’m a medical secretary and that I write books for a hobby.  People say they are plumbers, electricians, computer programmers, engineers, hairdressers, or personal trainers for example, because the money earned from these jobs pay all the bills.

How can I define myself as a writer if all I’ve earned since January is £296.92?  How can anybody live on that?

I like to write, and would happily stop being a medical secretary if I sold more books.  However, as far as I can tell, my books are being pirated by illegal websites (I…

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