4 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs A Beta Reader

K.M. Allan

Writing a book is a solitary endeavor. One requiring you to sit there day after day, tapping at your keyboard, the only people to talk to the imaginary ones you’re bringing to life on the page.

By the time you finish this momentous journey, your characters are fully formed beings transformed by all you’ve put them through, and not in the same way you yourself have now become a hermit.

After everything you and your characters have achieved, you’ll need to bring others into the fold. People like the family you left to fend for themselves. Or the friends you canceled social occasions with. They are your beta readers if you apologize and promise to go places with them now you can leave your desk again.

There are other writers too, the lovely humans who followed every rant you made about failed word count goals on Instagram. And the ones…

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