Accident Prone II

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I have mentioned that I may be accident prone
And that honest, when all’s said and done,
To be constantly damaging extremities
On the whole, is not really much fun.

Last weekend was the toe, though it’s healed rather well
To be fair, there’s not really a scar.
Then the dog took me out for a run the next day
And believe me, I don’t run that far…

But a pheasant flew up and well, being a dog
Bred for birds, she just had to give chase…
With an out-of-breath owner careening along
On the leash at a pretty good pace.

Not for long, ‘cause I tripped and she came to a halt…
With disdain in her eyes, she looked back
At the tangled-up leash and the owner she’d left
In a heap at the side of the path.

But I came off unscathed, which was lucky, I know,

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