Birthday present advice? #FlashbackFriday #humor #Sports

Barb Taub

A priest, a minister and a rabbi were talking about when life begins. The priest said: “Life begins at conception.” The minister said: “Life begins when the fetus is viable.” The rabbi said: “Life begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.”

While this joke has innumerable versions, this is the one Great-Uncle Herbie told when we got married. He and Great-Aunt Fanny also gave us their three life rules:

  1. Don’t eat in restaurants with plants (they’re put there to hide something).
  2. Don’t give each other presents with handles.
  3. And most importantly, don’t let the kids outnumber you.

This book documents results of breaking every one of Great-Uncle Herbie’s life rules. I like to think he would have approved. [click on image for previews, reviews, and buy links from Amazon.]

We broke #3 so quickly that #1 wasn’t a problem, mostly because local restaurants wouldn’t let us in…

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