Iain Kelly

Now so calm, so peaceful. Even beautiful. Pink sky and blue clouds reflected in the deep blue water.

But she could no longer see beauty in the world. Not here, looking out where the Makassar Strait met the Celebes Sea.

The violence of the tsunami was gone now. The serene water held the dead below. It held her  child, her son, her Banyu.

Behind her Palu City had gone. She had returned in desperation to search for him. She could not find where their wooden shack had stood. Nothing was recognisable.

She longed to be with him. To be close to him again.

Anger filled her. Standing there, she screamed. An animal, furious call. A shout into the abyss. At who? God? There could be no God now. There was only fact and circumstance.

Her son was dead. After everything life had thrown at her. After everything that she had…

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