Thursday photo prompt: Bone #writephoto – The Last of its Kind.



When the last of his kind died, he was left where he fell.

At the time there wasn’t much thought given to his and his kinds demise.

Good riddance some said.

Others thought it a shame he and his kind had come to such a sad end.

There was a time when they were revered. People stepped aside for them, their hides treasured and passed on from generation to generation.

But with the advent of the sickness and the theory they were in part responsible for spreading the germ that killed so many they were basically hunted down and slaughtered.

Most the dead were burnt, their bodies piled into huge pits a set alight, the smoke and smell travelled far and wide, but there was general celebration that the threat had been removed.

Over time they became a forgotten part of history, the few remaining bones scattered across a wilderness…

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