How to avoid murdering your voice and boring the readers

Jean's Writing

Two words – Conservational writing.

Means: writing to a friend.

So how do you write like you talk without it sounding like crap? Without putting the reader to sleep?

Well, here are a few tips, hope they help.

  • Writing to a crowd can kill your voice.
    • Instead, write as if you are writing to a friend.
    • Imagine your favorite person opening and reading your book, email or text. Will they laugh, cry or close it up unfinished?
  • Conservational writing is not writing like you talk.
    • Messy first drafts are to be expected.
    • Then, edit until your writing doesn’t sound like stuffy writing but like casual conversation.
  • Don’t write to impress
    • Write to be read.
    • Use contractions.
    • Write with common words.
  • Read blogs, contemporary novels and listen to podcasts.
    • Avoid proper English books until ready to edit.
    • Read good conversational writing.
  • Write in short sentences and paragraphs.
    • This helps avoid boring…

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