Leaky pots

The Silent Eye


With the very first name that comes into your head: who is the most important person in your everyday life? (I should point out here that the dog doesn’t count, regardless of what she thinks… not in this particular instance anyway. The rest of the time, she has a point…)

Now, hold that thought… the thought of the most important person in your world… then ask yourself what you do for them? I don’t just mean the practical things like providing for them, cooking, buying flowers, throwing tennis balls or being on the end of a telephone. They are important, but they are ‘direct doing’. Think about the other things that you do because of them and their presence in your life… Do you make the house a home? Put a bit of extra effort into your appearance? Stay fit and healthy for them? Make real time for them? Even…

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4 thoughts on “Leaky pots

  1. The most important person in my world would have to be myself. The person that comes second lives in another state – 6 hours travel by plane and bus, or several days driving. Phone contact is aweome. On reflection I now stop and wonder how important am I in that person’s world.

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