Songs of the Stone: The Two Bulls…

France & Vincent

HM15 1416


…One day Sweet-Mouthed-Maeve went to the well of Uran Garad for water.

She was carrying a small bronze cup in her hand which she dipped into the well.

The maggot, Gobble, swam into Maeve’s cup, and every colour there was to be seen in the world could be seen on him.

Maeve stared at the creature, fascinated by the beautiful colours of his body for some considerable time.

 “A pity, little friend, that you cannot talk,” said Maeve, “for I would like to know how it is with you in your pretty worm shape.”

“Truly, a cunning beast am I,” said Gobble, “and if food should come to me from you, at this spring, every day for a year, then a blessing of milk to you, I’ll be.”

 “Oh my,” said Sweet-Mouthed-Maeve, her lips curling into a smile, “and just how will you be a blessing of milk to…

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