We Need To Stop Justifying Women’s Fiction Now

Tara Sparling writes

In justifying a genre, are we automatically demeaning it? And what has this got to do with my glossy hair?

Like all truly great women, I’m multi-tasking the bejesus out of it, because I’m writing this in a hair salon. I come here awfully regularly, to get de-badgered. And because I no longer have the sort of life where I can dedicate an hour to just one thing, I thought I’d bring my laptop with me while I dealt with three things: the grey hair which has been part of my life since I was 17; a new blog post, and internal conflict.

We Need To Stop Justifying Women's Fiction Now This is what being non-extraordinary looks like

Many many years ago I embraced the fact that I’m a narcissist when it comes to my hair. Even though I tell myself I’m not high maintenance, I had to get comfortable with the fact that every 4 weeks, without fail, unless something untoward happens (such…

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