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Ciao, SEers. Last time I was here, I promised a discussion of beginnings, middles, and ends. We covered beginnings in the November 5 post. Today, it’s time to look at middles.


While you have to remember to start your story strong, it’s important to remember that a novel is a marathon, not a sprint. Beginnings come with a level of hope and enthusiasm; endings offer a feeling of accomplishment and excitement.

Middles don’t provide any of those things.

The middle of your story makes up the bulk of your work and has a lot to accomplish. But it’s not sexy. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. (Story geeks like me might get excited about them, though.) It’s the engine under the hood instead of the sleek sports car body. And that engine needs to operate on all cylinders to do its job. If something’s broken, you can’t get from…

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