Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! The small dog, snow and The Story Reading Ape

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It’s Chriiiistmaaas!

Well, okay, maybe not yet. But it will be soon… and I can’t wait, whatever old grumpy she might say! But at least I can start counting down… and have some friends over for my Advent Calendar!

There is such a lot to look forward to, this time of year. Not just Santa and trees and turkey (though I should prob’ly not remind her about that after disposing of hers the other year…), but it might even snow!

I like snow. I remember the very first time she opened the door for me at night…and the world had changed. Instead of being all dark and shadowy, it was all cold and white…it was quite scary! And, even worse, I couldn’t find my ball anywhere! I had to go sniffing for it, and while I looked for it frantically, all she could do was laugh at me!

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