A moving tale of… #humor

Barb Taub

…Well, of moving.

Remember last year when I had to move house and I promised I’d never do that again? You don’t? Well, that’s because most of the words I used only had four letters and this tries to be a family-friendly blog…

But seriously—why is this my life again?

When we bought the island house, we downsized to a tiny little place in the city, but neither of us ever liked it enough to unpack.  So we’ve been shopping for a small pied-à-terre for the Hub to stay in when he’s working. It wasn’t going well…

ME: Here’s a nice little studio.
HIM: I need space to play my cello.
ME: Okay, this one’s a one-bedroom.
HIM: LOTS of cello. And parking. And walking distance to the office. And the gym.
ME: How about a one-bedroom and a free-because-you’re-a-geezer bus pass?

Only… somehow the Hub and I must have…

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3 thoughts on “A moving tale of… #humor

  1. Interesting read. Since 2008 I moved from 3 bedroom, to 2 bedroom and now living in a one bedroom duplex. I am surrounded by all my gear but who cares. I have needed to donate what I don’t really need. Other people might say there is plenty more I should donate BUT its my treasure not theirs.

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