Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Cats, tennis balls and Merlin, with Jaye and Anita

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I may have the odd tennis ball or two. Some call it obsession… I prefer passion, or dedication, ’cause I only use one at a time, except for special games (and I need a new plant pot for that, Santa, please!)

Learning to clean up..

She taught me to clean up my toys when I was little… and I found that cleaning up could be fun, ’cause if you shake the plant pot, the balls go everywhere, so you can chase them all over again 🙂

Photo of Ani in action by my son

I’ve had my favourite ball a long time… and my plant pot even longer.  I started with a small one, but you could barely get one ball in there. So, I got a bigger one that I emptied for myself… just being helpful, you know, though she didn’t see it that way. She seemed to…

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