Going beneath the surface

Being in Nature

This post is inspired by Sue Vincent’s write photo prompt:  beneath

The reflections on the lake shifted and distorted as a cool breeze ruffled the water’s surface.   The woman shivered and pulled the opening of her jacket closer to her body.  “I should move on,” she thought.  “Do something.”   The thought drifted away before she could form a clear idea of just where she should move on to or what exactly she should do.   Since she’d arrived at the lookout by the lake she’d been immobilized.   The shifting patterns of the reflections held her in thrall and her mind slipped into reverie – some not quite conscious state where thoughts and feelings drifted without ever really taking concrete shape.

Time passed and still the woman sat.   The sun came out from behind the clouds and warmed her.   Birds flew by but nothing of any note occurred.   Slowly the woman’s consciousness…

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