Making Our Mark

Stevie Turner

It was interesting to watch a documentary by the comedian Sir Billy Connolly, who stated that he does not fear death.  He laughs a lot despite having to cope with Parkinson’s disease and a degenerative brain condition, and considers old age (he is 75) as an adventure which will prepare him for the spirit world.

He feels his life is slipping away, but he’s not frightened.  Instead he finds it ‘interesting’ to witness his decline and to how bits of him and his talents are slowly disappearing.

“It’s as if I’m being prepared for something, some other adventure, which is over the hill. I’ve got all this stuff to lose first, and then I’ll be at the shadowy side of the hill doing the next episode in the spirit world.”

What a wonderful way to look at old age and its declining faculties!  Sir Billy is also grateful for having…

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